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Implement health check n Powershell



It is quite common requirement that we need to implement web application health checks to make sure our apps are healthy. Recently I found my self implmenting CI/CD pipeline with health checks for API. Here is simple Powershell function to check health check.


$url = "https://api.healthcheck" # Replace with your desired URL
$maxRetryCount = 3 # Maximum number of retries
$retryDelaySec = 5 # Delay between retries in seconds
function Check-UrlHealth {
$retryCount = 0
$success = $false
do {
try {
$response = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -UseBasicParsing)
$statusCode = $response.StatusCode
Write-Host "Endpoint returned status '$statusCode'"
if ($statusCode -eq 200) {
$success = $true
Write-Host "Health check successful for $Url"
} else {
Write-Host "Health check failed for $Url. Status code: $statusCode"
} catch {
Write-Host "An error occurred during health check for $Url"
Write-Host $_.Exception.Message
if ($retryCount -lt $maxRetryCount) {
Write-Host "Retrying in $retryDelaySec seconds..."
Start-Sleep -Seconds $retryDelaySec
while (($success -ne $TRUE) -and (++$retryCount -lt $maxRetryCount))
if (-not $success) {
Write-Host "Health check failed after $maxRetryCount attempts."
# Call the function to check the URL health
Check-UrlHealth -Url $url