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Should we Unit Test Private Methods?

The discussion about whether to test private methods in software development is ongoing, and most experts suggest avoiding it in favor of testing isolated parts of code, as highlighted in this post about C#.

The Power of Refactoring : Extract Function

Unlock the power of software refinement with Extract Function.

Implement health check n Powershell

Health check implementation in Powershell.

Create Test files with different sizes in windows

Creating test files of different sizes in Windows is essential for various purposes, such as testing storage devices or evaluating application performance. This blog post guides you through simple techniques to generate test files of specific sizes using built-in Windows tools, ensuring efficient testing and analysis without relying on third-party software.

Cleansing the Code - Mastering Single File Reversion in Git

Master the art of reverting a single file in Git with precision and elegance. Learn how to effortlessly undo unintended changes, maintain a clean commit history, and restore code integrity. Take control of your files and streamline collaboration with ease.