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Cleansing the Code - Mastering Single File Reversion in Git

Master the art of reverting a single file in Git with precision and elegance. Learn how to effortlessly undo unintended changes, maintain a clean commit history, and restore code integrity. Take control of your files and streamline collaboration with ease.

Exporting SQL Server Data using BCP Utility

Explore how to use the BCP utility to export data from a SQL Server database and save it to a CSV file. Provide a step-by-step guide, explaining each component of the BCP command and how to execute it successfully, offering a beginner-friendly approach to automate the export process.

Introduction to Azure API Management: Managing APIs Made Easy

Azure API Management simplifies API lifecycle management, offering design flexibility, robust security features, and advanced analytics. It acts as a gateway between backend services and client applications, providing scalability and visibility into API metrics. With Azure API Management, businesses can streamline API infrastructure while ensuring security and developer productivity.

Exporting Data to CSV using SQL Query and PowerShell

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language that can be used to automate various administrative tasks, including data management and analysis. In this article, we will show you how to export data from a SQL database to a CSV file using a SQL query and the command-line tool.